Ahh Witch Doom. Another long gone zone. After Chaos & Dueling Arizona got boring, this is where I ended up. As with many zones after the invent of the one hit kill noob zones, the player skill level required to survive against a seasoned Witch Doom player was beyond what the players of the one hit zones could muster. It was down right embarrassing how easy it was to school them and make them rage quit. Thus the zone died out much like Chaos and Dueling. The skills from the balanced zones could translate to the one hitters, but not the other way around. Such is life I suppose. Still I wont forget my times in WD chilling with Gizzo.

So long ago.

The first tile-set I made for a zone I do believe. Not bad, not great.

The next iteration for Witch Doom. Much better and more fitting for the zone.

The Witch Doom Ship-set. Available as part of ShipSetDJ or on the Ship-set page.

The Arctos chaos map. From start to end with only slight modification over the years.

And Witch Doom Race. A testament to OCD like obsessions.