ShipSetDJ is a utility designed for those that like to mix and match between various ship sets. It only supports full(8 Ships) standard VIE sized(36x36) ship sets.

DJ will generate flat-file rolls for ship-sets without them.

Basically, you download all your favorite ship-sets and put them in subfolders under the DJ folder. Then you can drag and drop ships from the right into the slots on the left. There is a built in hue altering tool so you can color code your ships to be easily identifiable in game.

ie. Spiders are green, Levis are blue.

Once you are happy with your setup you simply click the save button and DJ will copy all the appropriate elements to form your new ship-set. You can also choose the Save As function which will save your current setup into the collection for later use.

It does function in win7 64 despite its age. You must set compatibility to XP SP3.

DJ includes all the ships you see here by default. All are with rolls.

If you feel like giving DJ a spin simply download it using the link below. Create a folder somewhere called "ShipSetDJ" and extract the zip into it. Enjoy.