Some Sims 2 Lots. Download individual Lots using the links below each Lot. These lots are all functional and at least briefly tested with Sims. Some of the lots have extensive custom texturing. These lots are also available through the Sims2 exchange.

Xodos Autumn Leaves

Xodos Antediluvian

Xodos Holzerness Orchester

Xodos Suburbia

Xodos Aqua King

Xodos American Pride

Xodos Black Magic

Xodos The Widows Lair

Xodos Cloud Nine

Xodos Crystal Winter

Xodos Dairy Disaster

Xodos Deciduous

Xodos Discovery-1

Xodos Club Fire & Ice

Xodos Heritage I SE

Xodos Locomotion

Xodos Moods

Xodos Much Room Palace

Xodos Rose

Xodos Shoe

Xodos Pandora's Box

Xodos Rack-Em-Up

Xodos Rainbow Connection

Xodos Reactor Core

Xodos Simplicities Sake

Xodos Space Cadet

Xodos This Aint No Disco

Xodos Thermaturgy

Xodos Bowl-O-Fruit